Outrank your SERP competitors in just a few clicks

BlitzBear analyzes why your content ranks behind competitors, suggests improvements, and automatically serves SEO-optimized pages to your visitors after you approve changes. No need to even touch your CMS.

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Claw back your SERP rankings against the competition

Take the guesswork and manual effort out of optimization.

Improve SEO without compromising quality

Using AI to create new SEO-optimized content leaves much to be desired, but AI is perfect for optimizing your existing content. BlitzBear focuses on improving the quality of your content so you can rank higher and drive more organic traffic.

When you have hundreds or thousands of existing blog posts, you're already starting to slip in the SERP ranks.

BlitzBear technology analyzes your content against your competitors, identifies opportunities, and makes intelligent improvements to fight back.


Regain lost rankings against tough competition

The competition has been hard at work pushing your content down the ranks. Manually playing catch-up takes a lot of time and effort. Get back in the top results, at scale, easily with BlitzBear.


Fill gaps to meet the latest ranking factors

New AI-powered SEO tools focus on generating new content. BlitzBear focuses on improving the usefulness and engagement of your existing content. We adds what's missing to put you back in the top ranks.

Ranking Factor

Content updates

Google's most important ranking factors are how useful your content is to serving users' needs. BlitzBear analyzes the top SERP results and improves your content to beat your competitors.


Maintain quality while elevating content

With a focus on preserving the quality and integrity of your existing content, BlitzBear doesn't just keyword stuff to improve your content. You can modify the AI-generated content or choose to use your own edits.

Like magic

No copy/paste or CMS required

Other tools require you to copy/paste and update your CMS or download extensions. You've never used an SEO tool as seamless as BlitzBear.


No plagiarism

BlitzBear compares SERP results but ensures content improvements are not plagiarized and is original content.


You're in full control

BlitzBear-optimized blog posts never go live until you approve the content. You will always be able to preview and confirm changes before they go live.

Access control

Client and team collaboration

Invite your clients or your own team members with controlled access

⚡️ Lightning mode

Say goodbye to hours of manual work

BlitzBear's ⚡️ Lightning Mode lets you apply SEO-optimized changes at the click of a button. You don't even have to log into your CMS.

Get hundreds of your blog posts optimized for SEO in just a few clicks

Take the guesswork and manual effort out of optimization.

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