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BlitzBear creates and updates your articles using GPT technology so that you can stay ahead of the competition and drive more traffic to your site.

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Our story

Hi, my name's Kevin Yun (@kevinyun). I'm an entrepreneur who runs a SaaS business where our biggest customer acquisition channel is SEO.

Over the years, our blog has built up hundreds of articles that rank in Google. Due to heavy competition, our rankings for different keywords started slipping over the years. To combat this issue, I started using AI tools to improve our existing content to optimize for SEO. But in order to do a proper job for each article one-by-one meant putting in hours and hours of work -- a process that involved lots of waiting for analysis, processing, and much copy and pasting. To update just one article the right way would take up half a day. I dreamed of a tool that could do all of this for me, while I simply reviewed the output quality and approved changes.

What is BlitzBear

BlitzBear is SEO software that cuts the manual work for creating new articles and optimizing your existing content for SEO. In a few clicks, our system will analyze the content of your top SERP competitors and write new articles or optimize existing ones to outrank them.

A focus on content quality

The SEO industry continues to shift rapidly with technology advancements. One thing that never changes is Google's expectations in the user experience: high-quality content is vital. This is why BlitzBear's strategy is focusing on analyzing what the SERP competition does well, and upgrading your content without compromising quality.

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Drive more traffic to your website by improving your SERP rankings

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