Frequently asked questions about BlitzBear

I want to test out BlitzBear. How can I do that?

New users get 3 free credits to test out BlitzBear. No credit card required. You will be able test out the quality of SEO-optimized articles in minutes before committing to a paid BlitzBear plan. Sign up for a free account here.

What do I need to use BlitzBear?

Anyone can use BlitzBear to generate new articles or optimize existing articles.

Optionally, you can use our WordPress integration to publish new or existing posts to your WordPress blog.

How much does BlitzBear cost?

BlitzBear offers plans that suit your scale. You can view our pricing plans here.

If you ever reach your plan's limit, you can simply upgrade to the next plan up on a pro-rated basis.

Can I publish BlitzBear articles to my CMS?

If you use our WordPress integration, you can publish new posts or update existing posts directly to your CMS without leaving BlitzBear.

Does BlitzBear affect loading times for my articles?

When ⚡️ Lightning Mode is enabled, BlitzBear-optimized pages load much faster than webpages without it. Your website visitors may feel a positive difference. This is due to several factors, including our compression design and network architecture. In internal tests, we found that BlitzBear-optimized pages serve up to 5x faster than normal webpages (e.g, A normal article would take 1 to 2 seconds to load but BlitzBear-optimized page would take just 200-300 milliseconds).

Drive more traffic to your website by improving your SERP rankings

Take the guesswork and manual effort out of writing and optimizing articles for SEO.

Claim your 3 free credits

Claim your 3 free credits