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Case Study: BlitzBear

126x Increase In Impressions With AI-Generated Content

How BlitzBear, an AI-powered SEO software, used its own product to rapidly generate high-quality blog content and drive significant organic traffic growth.


The client

BlitzBear is an innovative AI content generation platform that helps marketers and agencies create and optimize SEO-optimized content at scale. Its inception stemmed from the founder's experience using AI tools to refresh content for another SaaS business, where the process proved laborious and time-consuming.

As a self-funded startup, BlitzBear faced the challenge of needing to rapidly build out a high-quality content library to drive organic traffic with limited resources for traditional content creation methods.

The problem

With a constrained marketing budget and a small in-house team, BlitzBear faced limitations in opting for conventional approaches like hiring freelance writers or a content agency. The production rate of blog posts wouldn't meet the required impact within the necessary timeframe. Given the paramount importance of quality content creation, relying on just four expert-written articles per month from a single writer would require years to build a substantial content library.

The BlitzBear team knew they needed to take a new approach to content creation. Producing quality articles through traditional methods was simply too slow and costly for their needs.

Empty blog
The BlitzBear blog needed to be seeded with content

The solution

Drawing from the BlitzBear platform's proven success in optimizing existing articles for SEO, the team adapted it to support the generation of brand-new articles. Enhancements included conducting in-depth AI analysis on top SERP competitors' content and generating highly intelligent content suggestions based on these findings.

Leveraging the platform's AI content generation capabilities, the team rapidly produced blog articles at scale. By inputting targeted keywords and utilizing powerful AI models, including those powering ChatGPT and Claude, the platform churned out in-depth, SEO-optimized articles within minutes. This process proved more cost-effective than hiring human writers, enabling the team to effortlessly generate high-quality articles across various topics within their SEO and content marketing niche.

Full blog
The BlitzBear blog was seeded with 114 high-quality articles within days

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The process

The BlitzBear team began by conducting keyword research to identify high-value, low-competition terms to target. They then used the BlitzBear platform's AI writing capabilities to generate 114 draft articles based on those keywords and relevant subheadings.

AI-generated blog article
A new article generated by BlitzBear

The integration with WordPress streamlined the publishing process, with articles automatically published in draft mode. Every aspect, from SEO-optimized titles to meta descriptions and featured images, was automatically generated.

During the final review, the marketing team ensured articles met quality, accuracy, and natural language flow standards. Minimal edits and amendments were necessary, as articles were crafted based on top SERP competitors' content.

BlitzBear's AI features facilitated the generation of unique, SEO-optimized titles and excerpts, while relevant categories and tags were automatically applied to posts. These features saved the team a lot of time, otherwise they would have had to manually tagged and categorized posts.

AI-generated blog article
All items are auto-generated: Title, excerpt, table of contents, cover image, tags, categories

Updates to cover images were effortlessly executed via the Unsplash integration, allowing the BlitzBear team to select and update images directly from the admin dashboard. Otherwise, they would have needed to spend even more time selecting, downloading, and uploading images manually from the Unsplash website to their WordPress blog.

Search Unsplash image
Searching for cover images can be done directly from BlitzBear. Changes are auto-synced to WordPress.


Within days of implementation, BlitzBear had generated and published 114 brand new articles to their blog. The impact on their organic visibility was almost immediate.

Before using the AI content generation:

  • Average of 80 daily impressions in Google Search
  • Ranking for <100 keywords

After publishing the AI-generated articles:

  • Impressions quickly climbed to over 11,000 per day (126x increase)
  • Ranking for over 1,500 keywords related to their target topics
  • Saw a 37% increase in overall website traffic month-over-month
BlitzBear organic search increase
New articles increased organic traffic
BlitzBear keywords increase
New articles increased keywords

These results were remarkable, signaling just the beginning of their journey. The team intends to further expand their content library and optimize existing articles using the BlitzBear platform.

By employing an AI content generation strategy, the company swiftly built a substantial blog content repository, directly fueling increases in organic traffic, impressions, and rankings. As the BlitzBear team continues to execute this content strategy, they anticipate even greater returns on their initial investment.

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