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Compare BlitzBear vs Human Writers

See how BlitzBear compares to hiring a human writer for refreshing your content in this detailed breakdown.

What is BlitzBear

BlitzBear screenshot
Previewing before and after optimization changes in BlitzBear

BlitzBear is AI-powered SEO software specifically geared towards SEO use-cases, like content refreshes and article generation. The platform streamlines the workflow of optimizing existing content and generating brand-new articles, empowering marketers and SEO agencies to achieve higher SERP rankings with ease. In short, BlitzBear analyzes what the SERP competition does better, then updates your content using that information. If your website has decaying content, BlitzBear can help reverse the declining rate of traffic by reviving your existing articles.

At the core of BlitzBear lies advanced technology powered by leading large language models (LLMs) from the world's foremost AI companies, including Anthropic and OpenAI. Through meticulous development and refinement, BlitzBear has crafted in-house prompts that harness the full potential of these models, delivering the highest quality results for content optimization.

With a laser-sharp focus on content quality, BlitzBear goes beyond traditional on-page technical SEO tactics, instead prioritizing the creation of compelling content that satisfies the user's topical intent and comprehensively answers their search queries – a crucial factor in Google's ranking algorithms.

BlitzBear organic search increase
BlitzBear reversed declining traffic by refreshing just 22% of the site's existing content
BlitzBear keywords increase
BlitzBear also increased organic keywords as an added benefit

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What is a human writer

In this context, human writers are people who are capable of improving your content through the use of in-depth research and high-quality copywriting. We define a human writer as simply being human and not an AI, machine, or algorithm. We consider them a human writer even if they are AI-assisted.

Typically companies hire an SEO agency or marketer, who in turn would have in-house content copywriters or contract out the writing work to freelance copywriters.

How BlitzBear compares against human writers

In the era of AI-generated content creation, it's even more important that content be high-quality and serve the needs of the reader. BlitzBear and human writers both improve your SEO efforts through content refreshes, but the biggest difference between the two are the time and costs involved, as well as the speed of output.

Compare costs:

First, we need to understand the costs involved with hiring a copywriter.

Costs of hiring a writer

The purpose of hiring a writer would be to ensure that quality stays as the first foremost factor, with well-researched content. However, hiring a human writer is considerably more expensive.

For example, a good copywriter in the USA would cost anywhere from $400-$700 per writing a new 2,000-word article. You could also find more affordable copywriters in eastern Europe, but to get similar high quality work would still cost a rate of $300-500 per new article.

For refreshing or updating existing content, copywriters typically charge lower rates compared to creating new content from scratch. Here's an approximate range you can expect:

  • Minor Content Refresh:
    • This includes minor updates like revising statistics, changing a few paragraphs, or incorporating new product feature details.
    • Rates can range from $100 to $250 per 2,000-word article.
  • Moderate Content Refresh:
    • This involves more substantial updates, such as rewriting sections, reorganizing content flow, and incorporating new insights or messaging.
    • Rates can range from $200 to $400 per 2,000-word article.
  • Major Content Overhaul:
    • This is essentially rewriting a significant portion of the existing content, while retaining some core elements.
    • Rates can range from $300 to $500 per 2,000-word article.

The exact rate will depend on factors such as the extent of revisions required, the complexity of the subject matter, the writer's experience level, and any additional research or resources needed. Some writers may charge by the hour, with rates ranging from $75 to $150 per hour for experienced copywriters.

Costs of using BlitzBear

In contrast, BlitzBear starts at $32/mo for 20 credits. On this plan, here's what you can do:

  • Generate 20 new high-quality articles (this is a rate of $1.60/article)
  • Or optimize 10 existing articles (this is a rate of $3.20/article)

With higher BlitzBear plans, the cost per article also decreases so you get even more of a deal.

In any case, these rates are substantially less than hiring a human being. Not to mention article generation and optimization are considerably faster. With BlitzBear, new articles take 2-4 minutes to generate and content refreshes take 5-10 minutes to process.

Copywriters are not SEO experts

Humans would need to do extensive manual research to achieve the same level of SEO optimization that BlitzBear achieves. Copywriters are also typically not SEO experts, so you would need to give them SEO direction on things like keywords. But BlitzBear relies on world-leading AI models that have dense knowledge of SEO and Google guidelines, so SEO is organically built into BlitzBear. The software does all the heavylifting of research and writing – all while ensuring high-quality results.

Of course, human copywriters can also use AI tools like ChatGPT, however compared to BlitzBear, the process is still quite burdensome (see BlitzBear vs ChatGPT and BlitzBear vs Claude).

Powered by the latest LLM technology from OpenAI and Anthropic, BlitzBear leverages pre-packaged, mastered prompts that have proven their effectiveness in boosting SEO rankings. Our team has spent countless hours refining these prompts, ensuring they adhere to Google's official Search Engine Optimization guidelines and incorporate factors from studies that have demonstrated improvements in SERP performance. Further, we have used BlitzBear for our own purposes, thoroughly testing and tweaking our algorithms on every batch of outputs until we were satisfied with the results for our own sites.

BlitzBear goes beyond simple keyword stuffing or on-page technical SEO tweaks. Our advanced technology analyzes your content, checks Google for relevant information, and also optimizes your page markup while preserving the structure and integrity of your content – a feat that most human writers would not be able to pull off, where they would need to copy and paste actual HTML code, potentially sacrificing formatting.

Compare the benefits you get with BlitzBear vs hiring a human writer:

BlitzBear ChatGPT
Costs $1.60 - $3.20 per article $100 - $500 per article
Completion time Minutes Hours
In-depth research ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Refreshed content ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
SEO-focused ✅ Yes ❌ No
Invite team ✅ Yes ✅ Yes (collaboration via Google Sheets)
List of detailed changes and reasoning ✅ Yes ❌ No
Edit or delete changes ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Visual preview of before and after ✅ Yes ❌ No
Real-Time SERP data and topical intent classification ✅ Yes ✅ Yes (must use incognito browser window and optionally VPN)
Managed dashboard for articles ✅ Yes ❌ No
Prevent linking out to competitors ✅ Yes ✅ Yes (requires manual checking)
Resolves hallucinated links ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
Publish to WordPress ✅ Yes ✅ Yes (requires manual updating in your CMS)

Compare the steps you need to take with BlitzBear vs what a human writer using ChatGPT would have to do:

Steps using BlitzBear Steps for a human writer using ChatGPT
  1. Enter your article URL(s).
  2. Confirm target keywords.
  3. Wait for optimizations to complete.
  1. Craft a comprehensive prompt instructing ChatGPT to analyze your article against top-ranking SERP results, identifying areas for improvement based on your target keywords.
  2. Visit your article URL and copy/paste the contents into ChatGPT.
  3. Open an incognito browser window, visit Google and enter your target keywords as a query (incognito is necessary to prevent personalized search results from skewing SERP results. Additionally, a VPN may also be required if your geographical target is not the same as your current location).
  4. Assess SERP results and choose the top 2-3 articles that match the search topical intent.
  5. Visit each SERP article and copy/paste its contents into ChatGPT (It is necessary to paste the article contents and not direct URLs because ChatGPT cannot access the internet and may hallucinate otherwise).
  6. Before you submit the message to ChatGPT, update your prompt with guidelines to ensure that Google's SEO and UX guidelines are followed. Additionally, update the prompt to prevent the SERP competitors and your direct competitors' URLs from being linked out to, and remind ChatGPT not to plagiarize.
  7. Submit the message and wait several minutes for ChatGPT to process and create an output.
  8. When ChatGPT halts an output due to maximum token limits, type "Continue" and submit. Then wait for several more minutes for ChatGPT to process the rest of the results (repeat this until full completion).
  9. Review ChatGPT's output and make sure to fix any hallucinated links and competitive links.
  10. Repeat the above process for each article that you want to optimize. When you hit a ChatGPT message limit, you'll need to wait several hours until you can send another message.
  11. (Optional) Update a spreadsheet of your optimized articles. This is helpful if your goal is to optimize dozens or hundreds of articles, as to avoid redudancies.

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